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MOSIX for Clouds

MOSIX can manage Linux clusters and multi-clusters in clouds.
Main cloud features      
  • Supports all the MOSIX clusters and multi-clusters features.
  • Nodes can be added or be disconnected at any time.
  • MRC can run application on a cloud without pre-copying files to the cloud.
  • Can run in VM or non-VM environments.
  • VMs can run on Linux or Windows.
  • A pre-installed virtual-disk image is provided.
  • Further information is available in the User's and Administrator's Guides and Manuals and the White Paper.

    MOSIX Reach the Clouds (MRC)

    MRC is a tool that allows applications to start on your workstation or your cluster and run in remote nodes on other clusters, e.g. on clouds, without pre-copying files to these remote nodes.
    Main MRC features
  • Runs on Linux clusters, with or without MOSIX.
  • No need to pre-copy files to remote clusters.
  • Applications can access local and remote files.
  • Supports file sharing among different computers.
  • Stdin/out/err are preserved locally.
  • Can be combined with "mosrun" on remote MOSIX clusters.

  • Our Campus Cloud (HUCC)

    We are running a production multi-cluster organizational cloud, with 11 64-bit and a few 32-bit MOSIX clusters. Most clusters are private, belonging to research groups in Computer Science, Life-Sciences and the Medical School. Six clusters consist of workstations in student labs. These workstations are used to run guest processes on the condition that whenever a student logs in, all guest processes are moved out instantly.

    Sample Third Party Applications Running on HUCC
  • BLAST - genome search, protein sequences.
  • PsiPred - protein structure prediction.
  • Q-Chem - molecular electronic components.
  • Rosetta Code - protein structure prediction.
  • SimpleScalar - hardware-software co-verification.
  • WRF - weather forecasting.
  • Click for the current status
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