M  O  S  I  X
Cluster Management System

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MOSIX can manage Linux clusters and multi-cluster private Clouds.

Main cluster features      
  • Provides a single-system image.
  • Automatic resource discovery.
  • Dynamic workload distribution.
  • Automatic load-balancing.
  • Direct communication between migrated processes.
  • Migrated (guest) processes run in a sandbox.
  • Automatic installation and configuration.
  • On-line monitor.
  • Additional multi-cluster private cloud features      
  • Clusters can join or leave at any time.
  • Guest processes move out before disconnecting a cluster.
  • Clusters can be shared symmetrically or asymmetrically.
  • Supports different priorities to guest processes.
  • Can run in VM or non-VM environments.
  • VMs can run on Linux or Windows.
  • Further information is available in the Administrator's, User's and Programmer's Guides and Manuals, the White paper, wiki, Changelog, FAQ, Publications, Tutorial and Overview presentations and the campus cloud web page.

    Obtaining a copy

    The following license applies to most parts of the MOSIX package, except the parts that are marked otherwise:

    Thank you for your interest in MOSIX.

    For all Linux distributions

    The latest distribution is MOSIX-4.4.3, see the changelog for details.
    Configuration and installation instructions are included in the distribution README and in the Administrator guide.

    Older MOSIX-3 distributions can be found here. Older MOSIX-2 distributions for 32/64-bit architectures can be found here.